Friday, January 16, 2009

Plant list for Sempervivum and Jovibarba/Heufflii

Heufelii 'Apache' US - large sea-green upright leaves, with red-brown tips and silvery marginal hairs.
Heufelii 'Beacon Hill'' UK - a large and fast growing cultivar, green and red-brown.
Heufelii 'Beatrice'' Medium green with burgundy tips, accented by fine white hairs..
Heufelii 'Chocoleto'' UK - Deep green with a very dark chocolate brown colour.
Heufelli 'Fandango''
Heufelii 'Green Stone' UK - (AM*1976) - bright green leaves with dark brown tips. Darker winter color.
Heufelii 'Giuseppe Spiny' brownish red, medium sized rosettes, leaves w. pale edges and sharply pointed tips
Heufelii from Jakupica
Heufelii 'Hot Lips' UK - dark Plum leaves, green at base, nicely outlined in silver
Heufelii 'Irene' Burgundy red rosettes with light yellow green at the base and on new leaves.
Heufelii 'Inferno' UK - large, widely spreading, glowing red-brown leaves with green leaf bases.
Heufelii 'Jacupica'' Full, small rosettes. Broad leaves, pointed tips. Light green stained reddish-brown.
Heufelii 'Jowan' Lovely shade of red with nice lighter edging.
Heufelii 'Minutum' (SR*1975) - small, neat, many leafed rosettes, green shading to brown.
Huefelli 'Mystic'
Heufelii 'Mystique' UK - unusual short wide leaves, dark brownish red with silver hairs.
Heufelii 'Palasii' Largest of all Heuffelii. Terra cotta leaves with green base.
Heufelii 'Purple Haze' UK - (SR*1980) - attractive purplish brown with a blue-grey tinge.
Heufelii 'Sundance' UK - pale yellowish green with shades of pink and glowing red.
Heufelii 'Tan' UK - (SR*1975) - beautiful dark red-brown leaves in the summer.
Heufelii 'Torrid Zone' UK - (GR*1980) - large, wide leaves which turn a rich, glowing red in the summer
Heufelli 'Violet' Violet - UK - dark violet-brown leaves.
Heufelii 'Wotan'
Heufelii 'Xanthoheuff' UK - (AM*1975) (SR*1976) rosettes turn from pale green to bright yellow in Spring
Heufeli unknown large red foliage

Jovabarba 'Bronze Ingot' UK - beautiful dark purplish-red with bronze leaf margins.

Jovibarba heuffelii 'Mars'
Jovibarba heuffelii 'Mystique'
Jovibarba huefelii 'Bulgarien'

Orostachys Orostachys red tones make a striking contrast with other succulents such as sedum's and Sempervivum.

Semp. arach Cebenese Larger Arach. white web with a pink tone
Sempervivum arach. Rubrum
Sempervivum Atroviolaceum Large growing Sempervivum , deep red-violet in color
Semp.arach. Rubrum ?
Semp. Arach
Semp. calcareum 'Sir William Lawrence' Round green lvs.with abrubt red tips
Sempervivum cilosum loght green small cobweb, June bloom
Sempervivum cilosum Borisii Bulgaria - A densely hairy variety, silvery grey colour
Semp. hirta Bulgarian
Semp. Ashes of Roses* US - dull red leaves w. long greyish hairs, soon producing a large cushion of rosettes.
Semp. tect. Unkown purple leaves
Semp. Tect. Atroviolaceum*
Sempervivum Betty
Sempervivum Black Mountain A dark reddish maroon Sempervivum with a greenhish heart.
Sempervivum 'Blue Boy' Somewhat misnamed, the "Blue" is actually grayish lilace with some rose tones
Sempervivum Brownii
Sempervivum Braunii Of the species montanum, it has greenish leaves tipped in red.
Sempervivum 'Bronco Long narrow leaves that are a dark purplish-red.
S. Calcareum Jewell Case
Sempervivum Canada Kate* US - medium to large, pale green and pinkish leaves, velvety texture.
Sempervivum Carmen
Sempervivum Carnival Noticeably spatulate leaves of various shades of red.
Sempervivum Chivalry*
Sempervivum Classic*
Sempervivum 'Direktor Jakobs' The color is mostly red, roundish leaves that come to a point.
Sempervivum Edge of Night* narrow lvs. Black tips, black eye
Sempervivum El Greco* UK - similar to 'El Toro' but leaf tips more bronze-green. Layered rosetts
Sempervivum Emerald Spring*
Sempervivum Excalibur "US - long, pinkish green leaves with orange-red bases and tips.
Sempervivum Fame UK - very large, pinkish red rosettes, good colour throughout the year.
Semp. Fame Montrose* pink shades, some contortions
Sempervivum Firebird* US - bright red, glossy leaves, open rosettes.
Sempervivum 'Flamingo' An outsanding menage of colors, pinks to red.
Semp. Frost and Flame Frosty silver edges highlight plum leaves
Sempervivum Fuzzy Wuzzy small rosy pink rosetts turning green

Sempervivum 'Icicle' A arachnoides selection. Inner leaves are cobwebed green, the outer ones are rose.
Sempervivum Galahad*
Sempervivum Gay Jester* UK - large flattened rosettes, bright carmine-red leaves with green bases.
Sempervivum Grey Dawn*
Sempervivum Grenada
Sempervivum Hart Tectorum*
Sempervivum 'Jeanne de Arc' A torch of flaming reds.
Sempervivum Jungle Fires US - large dark red rosettes, shading to greenish-brown at the leaf tips
Sempervivum Jewel Case Fluorescent ruby-red/ green. Fringed white hairs
Sempervivum Hayling UK - large, glossy leaves, dark purplish red, good colour all through the year.
Sempervivum Histonii
Sempervivum Jubilee Imperial tufted narrow velvet leaves bordered in green
Sempervivum Kalinda* Coral tips fading to tawny tones
Sempervivum Kate
Sempervivum 'Kelly' This sempervivum is a lovely mixture of greens touched with red..
Sempervivium King George UK - long, narrow, red leaves with velvety pubescence and apical tufts
Sempervivum kosanii Medium green velvety leaves with a touch of purplish red.f
Sempervium Mahogany mahogany-red tips center yellow green, glaucus
Sempervivum Mayfair Red green lvs. Flushed robin red tufted and fuzzy
Sempervivum More Honey US - attractively shaped red leaves, flushed with gold.
Sempervivum Oddity unusual leaves which are curved backwards on themselves, becoming tubular

Sempervivum Old Copper
Sempervivum Olympicum*
Sempervivum Ornatum* Pale green ,translucent burgundy shading
Sempervivum Othello*
Semperviuvum Pacific Joyce
Sempervivum Pekinese* US - apple green leaves, flushed with pink, covered with a white cobweb
Sempervivum Pilosella
Sempervivum Pittonii* Austria - A very attractive species with small hairy leaves.
Sempervivum Pixie
Semp. Pumilum Armchi* Soft green rosettes, light pink in the Spring
Sempervivum Pumilum Small globular rosettes with keeled, pointed leaves and silver cilia.
Sempervivum Purple Passion
Sempervivum Pyrennaicum pink- gray rosettes
Semperviuvum Rameses
Sempervivum Rojin Smoth bright red leaves.
Sempervivum 'Rouge' Very large Sempervivum with a reverse coloration, red in the center turning green.
Sempervivum Round Robin Downy gold-gray leaves, flushed with red
Sempervivum Rose Queen
Sempervivum Rubra Ash* US - downy leaves, pinkish-brown shading to green
Sempervivum Ruby Hart* Emerald green tipped dark red.
Semp. 'Silverene'

Sempervivum 'Silver Olympic' Arachnoides in appearance, gray green rosettes with cillia.
Sempervum Skrocki DE - unusual greyish violet colour, shading to green, edged with silvery hairs.
Sempervivum Stanfeldsii Small growing light green sempervivum that makes for a contrast with the many reds
Semp.Strawberry Fields* strawberry color, fine cilia on edges.
Sempervivum Sunset
Sempervivum tectorum Common houseleek, dullish green leaves
Sempervivum 'Teck' A subtle combination of green and violets with a touch of red
Sempervivum Thayne Satin blue-green lvs. Maroon tips
Sempervivum Triste* UK - medium size, sharply pointed, brownish red leaves, a cultivar of S. tectorum
Sempervivum 'Thundercloud' Green to violet red.
Sempervivum 'Topaz A nice rosy red.
Sempervivum 'Tracy Sue' A velvety green with a grayish fuzzy texture.
Sempervivum 'Unicorn' A rosy-pink flush blends with the green leaves.
Sempervivum Westerlin* US - large, cherry red rosettes.with green tips
Semp. Arach. Webby Flame* Small webby clusters tinged in red.
Sempervivum mixed
Sempervivum mixed
Sempervivum mixed
Semp. Ruth Ann 1
Semp. Ruth Ann 2
Semp. Ruth Ann3
Semp. Ruth Ann 4 Small green rosetts with maroon tips Flat
Semp. Ruth Ann 5
Semp. Ruth Ann 6
Sempervivum mixed 4 accounted for
Sempervivum unkonwn small green rosetts, with maroon tips vertical
Sempervivum mixed
Sempervivum unknown small reddish
Sempervivum Herbs ? small green with maroon tips
Sempervivum Mary Ann's red